Name (Optional or anon) :   J. Desrosiers
Comment :   Much improved home page!!!
Name (Optional or anon) :   J. Desrosiers
Comment :   Webmaster I find the Home Page very busy is there any way you could put some the info available thru links giving the viewer the option to select their preferences. I feel that it is getting almost impssible to highlight everything on the home page...sinc
Name (Optional or anon) :   Elaine Langley, RN
Comment :   Continued: Dr. Rene, when I say Plenty involvement, I must narrow this down to me at this time b/c I cannot speak for my organization. But I just love what you do! Elaine
Name (Optional or anon) :   Elaine Langley, RN
Comment :   Continued: Wanted you to know how very grateful I was to be a part and wish to continue. Talked with Dr. Rene briefly and wish to connect via email to see if Plenty could assist his project. Elaine Langley
Name (Optional or anon) :   Elaine Langley, RN
Comment :   Hi Yvelyne or Henry, I met you at the warehouse and joined you at the barge. Im the RN from WJMC whose organization is Plenty, International, if you remember me (Henry, we compared peace signs). I had the palates for Buma Sehat in Jacmenl. I am so very gr
Name (Optional or anon) :   micheline dole md
Comment :   Charlie,Sandra, Nicole, Congratualations! to you and the staff. Rich was devastated for not being able to join you. I was in Haiti for a week in Peds at Lhopital General. The magnitude of this event is behond any imagination. Your organization is a mod
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Comment :   webmaster I just want to compliment you on your website and to say thank you for letting us be part of AHDH.
Name (Optional or anon) :   Christopher Porche West
Comment :   Haitian Benefit Dinner at Satsuma Cafe 3218 Dauphine Street New Orleans LA 70117 Time:7:30PM Tuesday, February 2 Haitian Benefit Dinner at Satsuma Cafe! We are hosting a four course dinner with wine pairings for with 100% of the proceeds going
Name (Optional or anon) :   Yvelyne McCarthy
Comment :   Hi David, 93% of donations given through the website go to Haiti because of the management fee required by First Giving However, 100% of all donations given directly to AHDH is used to support Haiti. No personnel is paid and we have no overhead expe
Name (Optional or anon) :   David Reay
Comment :   I would like to see a financial accounting of what percent of all donations are used for project expenses, labor, equipment, administration, etc. Do you have this information? Thanks,
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Comment :   Please express yourself ... about Haiti ... about the website ... whatever ... a MINI BLOG
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