First Name :   Thesamoan
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Comment :   I still say your stuff isnt Buffy. Get a life! Whedon rules!!
First Name :   The Immortal
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Comment :   Though you have cast aspersions on my good and Immortal name, I must allow that your IB series is hilarious! On to 100!! The Immortal commands it!!!
First Name :   Anne
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Comment :   While I dont appreciate my name being linked to a homidical maniac, I do love Anne and her verse. Keep it coming, Regertz!
First Name :   Ginny
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Comment :   Re: One More Potter Xover You are sick, sick! And I love it! Long may the Slayer army triumph!!
First Name :   Jackie
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Comment :   Reckless Love is a joy! But damn you, RE your damn song and picture of Anya made me cry!
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