Name :   Karen Huntley
Comments :   Loved all your cakes, especially the fishing cake, complete with aquarium. I think Im going to make a rendition of the stacked books for my friends 50th - gotta find some good titles!
Name :   Casey
Comments :   Nice cakes! :D
Name :   Alison
Comments :   I wish you were based in England
Name :   jocelyn jones
Comments :   AMAZING !!!! I know where ALL my cakes will come fron now. David, They are just beautiful....oxooxx jocelyn
Name :   Melani Hodges-Nguyen
Comments :   Dave, you are talented. Thanks for sharing your work. I hope you get to teach or demo a class at a future cake show. I will be the first one to sign up for your classes.
Name :   Hi Dave
Comments :   Thanks for sharing your talent. Your cakes have brought many many smiles to so many faces. Your Friend, Rev. Pat T22/3(I801)
Name :   Madeleine Jennings
Comments :   Hello Dave, Yours cakes are so cooooooooool!!! Wished I could be as good as you. Enjoyed our chat at the National Cake Show last weekend. I hope to see you at Westminster, MD. Per your suggestion, I wrote to Norman to ask for his cake recipe. Keepi
Name :   Michael Tyson
Comments :   Dave! Ill be coming to DC soon. Ill think of an occassion and cake to order. Cheers blyad, Mike
Name :   Jen Solley
Comments :   My daughter is very jealous she has never had a Dave Geaney for her birthday but all her siblings have!!! Hint, hint!! She loves Dora and Diego!Uncle Dave!!!!
Name :   Dianna
Comments :   Another RIBBON !!! CONGRATS !! Thank you so much again for helping me out. I truly appreciate it. Did you get the pictures I sent over ?? See you in Virginia !!
Name :   Chris
Comments :   good luck at the competition
Name :   Sandy in Fontana
Comments :   How did you make the treasure chest look like wood and the straping and trip like metal?
Name :   Rachel Bean~
Comments :   I love your cakes, I did, too, find the site by mistake, but I love them! Is it possible you could make a Naruto cake? Liiike...have Akamaru? (would he be considered a character, or an animal?)
Name :   Jacob Fugate
Comments :   You ROCK! Keep it up.
Name :   Jacob Fugate
Comments :   1st time visit here, really nice site.
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