Name :   Patty Bridges
Email Addres :
Comments :   Hi Phil & Mary, Shannen just told me about your web site & just had to see for myself. Beautiful pictures and what amazing journeys you have had. Cant wait to meet you next month. Love, Patty
Name :   Mary Ann Fischer
Email Addres :
Comments :   Dear Phil & Mary, I cant believe it has been 6 years. What an adventure you have had! Thank you so much for sharing it. Look forward to your return. Mary Ann
Your Name :   Mary Lou White
Your Email Address :
Date: :   1/7/2009
Your Comments :   Will be looking forward to hearing from you and also seeing you. Doesnt seem possible Scott is graduating, probably does to him! Take care and please keep in touch. I will give Diane your regards. Mary Lou
Your Name :   Hannah Kohl
Your Email Address :
Date: :   1-1-2009
Your Comments :   Happy New Year! I just read your Christmas email and it sounds like youre having a great time! Im in New York and graduate from NYU this May with a MFA in Musical Theater Writing. Id love to see you. Add me to your list! Merry Christmas, Hannah
Your Name: :   John Ringrose
E Mail Address: :
Date: :   16th Sept 2008
Your Comments: :   Interested in all sailing accounts. Am an Ocean Yachtmaster currently shorebased because of WORK !!!.
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