First Name :   Katie McAuliffe
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Comment :   Hi Roman, Ok, you got me hooked and I just kept clicking on your website! What fun:) Good job. Love the pictures. I came to look for your resume but had too much fun looking at everything else. Keep up the great work with this! Regards, Katie Insulet
First Name :   Leonid
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Comment :   Greetings from Germany! Have Vic a homepage? Ljonja
First Name :   ELIAS
E-mail :
Comment :   I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Congratulations for your page !! I am looking for relatives around the world. Do you have any conection with: AVIC GANON, Director of the Israel Center (Moscow)
First Name :   Felice ZADRA
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Comment :   A great effort with a great result. Atz sameach. Felice ZADRA
First Name :   Lena-Pena
E-mail :
Comment :   Roma, This is a beautiful Web site - but how come there's no record of your second marriage (or is it a third)?
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