Name (Optional or anon) :   Alix Douyo
Comment :   Congratulations! What youre doing is admirable, and know that God has a special place reserved for you and people that do your kind of work. May He continue blessing, protecting, and inspiring you generously in Jesus name.
Name (Optional or anon) :   Irene Everette
Comment :   This is a great cause! Thanks for the information Carlos Vincent.
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Name (Optional or anon) :   Susan and Peter Vrabec
Comment :   March 2014 - Thank you to all of our new friends at AHDH. We had an incredible week in LaValle. We provided support for the Eye Team and pharmacy assistance. We will be back! Susan and Peter Vrabec
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Name (Optional or anon) :   Kate Hymes
Comment :   Im making my Giving Tuesday donation to your organization. My sister, Dr. Critty Hymes, has shared such wonderful stories about the work you do.
Name (Optional or anon) :   Geri Simpson
Comment :   It was very nice meeting you at Bayou Bacchanal. Keep up all of your hard work. The paintings were very nice and I have done as promised, put a link on both my Facebook page and my website The NolaCaribe Connection, LLC
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Name (Optional or anon) :   Nicole LeRouge
Comment :   Please continue the wonderful work that all of you are doing. Great Job I can t wait to return. Thanks
Name (Optional or anon) :   
Comment :   We need a few good spirited org like this one to make the difference,but what if something happens to the brain, will the body continue to function?
Name (Optional or anon) :   Fitzjohn Tropnas
Comment :   Glad to see the site is coming along. I hope to join the Michaels in Haiti sometime this year.
Name (Optional or anon) :   Anika Michael
Comment :   Good job, web master! The website is coming together nicely.
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