First Name :   Anne
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Comment :   Are you writing more of Anne? Id like to see the ending for my namesake. Its neat that youre using the name Buffy took that summer for her demon, very appropriate I think. Shes a great character in the different Anne stories. Will you be writing more abou
First Name :   Earl
URL :   None
Comment :   Good work!
First Name :   Jane
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Comment :   I like the new Anne page, its interesting to see your take on what Buffys demon would be. I think your sympathy for and presenation of the darker characters of the show is very appealing.
First Name :   Jo
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Comment :   i love the Warren of your BuffyRebeccaVerse, please write a Warren-centric story soon!! keep up the good work guys!
First Name :   Jackie
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Comment :   To answer moron boy Thesamoan: Whedon rules!!? And you tell RE to get a life? Watch where you throw the testerone, kid-the name of the series is Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and acting like He-Man looks pretty stupid.
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