Name :   Katie Finck
School :   Morgan Township
Comment :   Carl!!! You are a great coach. This group is a great one. I have made so many friends. Steph and Carl, you guys treat me like Im your daughter. Thanks for all your support. I love you guys!

Name :   Justin Barton
School :   Hebron High School
Comment :   The Little Thrower That Could is coming for your record Carl.

Name :   Brandon Murer
School :   DePaul University
Comment :   Carl way to keep Track and Field in your blood! Looks like you are doing a great job. I.S.U. Throws Forever!

Name :   Coach Mark Rodriguez
School :   University of Louisville
Comment :   I was Coach Patzs college coach and I know he has tons of throwing knowledge that will help his L.I.F.T. crew reach their goals and potential. Good Luck!!!

Name :   Rachel Bilek
School :   Marshall University
Comment :   Carl is so awesome! Hes like the coolest guy I know, and I didnt know what fun was until I met these crazy throwers!

Name :   Alyssa
School :   Washington Twp.
Comment :   Carl is a great coach. I have only been with him for a few months but it has been awesome!! Carl & the rest of the throwers are a blast to be with!

Name :   Christine Hugg (Mom)
School :   
Comment :   Great job, Cara and Bob! Good Luck, Carl, keep up the fantastic work you do with your kids!

Name :   Alytude (hehe)
School :   Boone Grove High School
Comment :   Carl is da bomb! Luvv ya bunches... cant wait for this up coming season! *_aly

Name :   Jeremy Juliano
School :   Chesterton High / I.S.U.
Comment :   I Grunt for LIFT

Name :   Cara & Bob
School :   
Comment :   Merry Christmas, hope you enjoy it!!!!

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