First Name :   Nasel
Country :   St Kitts
Date :   31 July 2010
Comments :   Just Great.. Keep it up
First Name :   Jan Grell-Hull
Country :   Nevis
Date :   20 June. 2010
Comments :   Lester this is an awesome website. I hope the NIA has a good look at your work and compensate you accordingly in cash or kind. They will never find anyone else who is so committed to their country. Keep it up. Thanks for every thing that you have done and
First Name :   Shamdeo
Country :   Guyana
Date :   2 June 2010
Comments :   Excellent work! Keep it up
First Name :   Natalie
Country :   St. Kitts
Date :   4/3/10
Comments :   this site is human friendly, especially to all persons in the disaster field. Personally I like it for the quick and updating information.
First Name :   Dave Illig
Country :   USA
Date :   2/10/2010
Comments :   I really enjoyed your site Lester. It is very informative. I hope you never have to put your plans into action. Dave
First Name :   Charlotte
Country :   USA-Oklahoma
Date :   1/23/10
Comments :   Neviss website about Hatis disaster is very informative.
First Name :   Rev. Walter S
Country :   U S A
Date :   4/11/2009
Comments :   Nice job Lester. Say hello to your Mom. When are you going to do my page like this?
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