Name :   Mrs Gail j Gray
Location :   Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England.
Comment :   Great website, i wouldnt mind some of thoses schumi photos, i enjoy following schumi he is a fab driver, i have met him a few times he is so polite and well mannered, i have followed and supported him since 1991, i love him so much i wrote a book for him

Name :   Janice
Location :   Jakarta
Comment :   For me, youre always the best, Schumi.

Name :   Irina
Location :   Bucharest, Romania
Comment :   Nice website! I loved F1 since I was little,Ive always been a Ferrari fan. The Schumi - Ferrari era was the best ever!!! F1 is just not the same without him. Now Im watching the Silverstone grand prix and it sucks. Ever since he left I cannot get the same

Name :   annie
Location :   yorkshire
Comment :   Hi Steph, its uncanny, the picture of Schumi at Silverstone 06 waving to the crowd is excactly the same as the one I have, I was sat in the front row of the pit straights amongst a sea of renault blue clad fans - the only one dressed in red - and Id like

Name :   Dave Hood
Location :   Dunchurch, England
Comment :   For me, F1 will never be the same again since Schumi retired.

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