Name :   Anita Barnett Toste
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Comment :   I am a descendant of Elias Barnett - his great granddaughter
Name :   Lane C. Adair
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Comment :   
Name :   Michae Wood
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Comment :   I am looking for info. on my G.G.Grandfather. James Tucker Paddison (England) was a miller in Sonora,1888
Name :   Mike Lundgren
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Comment :   Great book...part of my regular reading
Name :   Karen Umberger
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Comment :   Your county is just great at helping ones like me to get history on family that lived there in the 1800. Thank you again and thanks for this website.
Name :   Todd B.
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Comment :   informative & interesting.
Name :   Dianne Lichtenberg
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Comment :   Hi, I live in Tucson and I am a campground host in Stanislaus N.F.. I will be doing an interpreative talk on the Clark-Skidmore Party. This site has been wonderful and full of info. Can you reccommend any others? I could inter library loan using Pima Coun
Name :   Ray Beam
Email (optional) :   Ray_Beam@Pacbell.Net
Comment :   Im researching John Grizzly Adams (AKA James Capen Adams), Californias greatest mountain man, who camped in the Sierras 1852-1855, near Strawberry Ranch (Camp Blue) vicinity. He traveled across Sierras following Walker River route in 1854 on way to vicini
Name :   dan kriedt
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Comment :   I appreciate the Sonora Pass even more now.
Name :   John
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Comment :   Great site, I found many relatives that used the Walker River Trail - 1853 from Benton Co, Mo - Hudelson, Browder, McClung. Please contact me, willing to share info
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