First & Last Name :   Joe R. Perez
Comment :   I enjoyed seeing your portfolio, especially the parrot tulip. Beautiful. Uncle Joe
First & Last Name :   Charlotte Perez
Comment :   So proud of you! Your work is beautiful!
First & Last Name :   Tony
Comment :   Some of the most beautiful works I have seen in a long time. Such depth and richness of each work. Amazing.
First & Last Name :   Gloria Priceless
Comment :   I love your flower watercolours they are beautiful. Instagram follower, Gloriascakesandtakes
First & Last Name :   Vasken Soghomonian
Comment :   Beautiful Art Work and Edibles Congratulations
First & Last Name :   Steven Chichinsky
Comment :   All your work is beautiful your so creative in thatvway
First & Last Name :   Marquita Monarrez
Comment :   Beautiful work, I love your florals and the goodies look yummy!
First & Last Name :   Nancy Myers
Comment :   You are an incredible artist. I so enjoyed seeing you watercolor paintings. I also enjoyed your baked goods today.
First & Last Name :   steve chichinsky
Comment :   Cat,you have an amazing gift of talent. Always stay happy believe in the good and accomplish what every your heart desires. Best Wishes
First & Last Name :   Leslie kraff
Comment :   You are an amazing artist and fabulous lady
First & Last Name :   Kimberly Clark
Comment :   Your cakes look yummy! Great speaking with you today!
First & Last Name :   Tracey Barrett-Adams
Comment :   It is so wonderful to see you live your dreams in color, and even more pleased that you have shared it with the world! I always knew you were a talented artist! The very best to you always. I will spread the word so others can see the great work youve don
First & Last Name :   Christopher ryskey
Comment :   Go mom!!!
First & Last Name :   James David Thomas
Comment :   Nice to see! I am delighted that youre painting again - youre very talented! xox
First & Last Name :   Mujtaba Datoo
Comment :   Catherine is a special person: passionate and gifted.
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